Build a Serverless JAMStack Micro-Blogging App Using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and FaunaDB

Build a Serverless JAMStack Micro-Blogging App Using Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and FaunaDB

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Greg D'Angelo

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Greg D'Angelo is the founder of Greg has spent most of his career developing large-scale web applications and now focuses on bringing his expertise online to help everyone master modern web development. He is the creator of the AlterClass React program.

Learn to build your own user-generated content application for developers with the best of the JAMStack technologies

Every developer likes to read blog posts to learn new things or find the solution to specific problems. What's even better for developers is starting a blog to share ideas and connect with the dev community.

So in this course, we'll learn how to build a micro-blogging application using the best modern tools and technologies available to allow developers to start their own blog.

  • React: a JavaScript library that enables developers to quickly and efficiently build interactive and dynamic user interfaces. Working with React makes the developer's life a breeze, thanks to its simplicity and modular infrastructure

  • Next.js: a React-based web framework with a bunch of features out-of-the-box such as hybrid static and server rendering, file-system routing, API routes, TypeScript support, and so much more. It makes your React applications more powerful and faster to build and maintain

  • Tailwind CSS: a rapidly growing utility-first CSS framework that makes styling websites and web applications fast and flexible

  • Fauna DB: a flexible, developer-friendly, transactional database

Your users will have the ability to register to your application, write blog posts using the Markdown syntax, save drafts, and publish them. They will also be able to read the published blog posts of all the other users.

Finally, you'll launch and deploy your Next.js application to Vercel, the platform made for Next.js.

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